Warranty Policy

Warranty Policy

KingCom Global warrants its products to be free from defects in material and workmanship for a period of one or ONE year after the date of purchase. Refer to the specific limited warranty card, which is shipped with each product, for exact warranty terms and conditions.

Date of purchase will be determined by a valid proof of purchase. The criterion for a valid proof of purchase is that it must be machine printed and include the following information:

• Name and address of purchaser
• Purchase date
• Model number(s) of product(s) purchased
• Serial number(s) of product(s) purchased

In the event that a valid proof of purchase is not available, the warranty period will be determined by the date of manufacture. Date of manufacture is based on a date-coded serial number printed on the product label.


accessories, power bank, cable, charger, connector, for example when sold with a KingCom Global are separated warranted for the term of the accessory warranty. Accessories when purchased separately are warranted for 90 days. However when used with a product that is still under warranty the accessory will assume the remaining months of the product warranty or which ever is longer.

DOA Policy

The DOA policy is a program provided to end-users and managed by our resellers and distributors. The DOA period commences on the original date or purchase. In the event that you encounter a unit failure within the first 30 days of ownership please contact your distributor or reseller for a replacement unit. This DOA policy may vary by region.

Contact your reseller for specific details.

In cases where a reseller has gone out of business or a reseller cannot or will not support the customer, KingCom Global will do our best to help on a case by case basis.