Apollo Max

Big and Premium Battery

Gathered from reputable source, it guarantees you to give another 11,000mAh battery life to your smart phones, tablets, digital cameras etc.


Efficient Charging/Discharging Function

Stabilized discharging and improved charging conversion rate up to 80%


Max 5V/3.1A Dual Output

Allows you to charge 2 gadgets at the same time, with its equipped higher voltage, charging is really faster to your gadgets.


Max 5V/2V Super Speed Charging Input

Great input voltage for shorter charging time for your Apollo Max


Anodized Aluminum Cover

for enduring and stronger surface to fight with color fading and rust perfect for everyday use


Digital Capacity Monitor

for a precise battery monitoring


Plug and Charge

Just plug it and let Apollo Max do all the work


1 Year Warranty

Get secured up to 1 Year with Apollo Max’s warranty; longer than any power banks can offer.