Evolution of KingCom

2001-2007,  1st Generation KingCom - Wireless Jungle


2008 - 2013,  2nd Generation KingCom - Digital KingCom

2013 - 2014,  3rd Generation of KingCom - Enjoy Your Life

2014 - now, 4th Generation of KingCom - be kool

[1st Generation KingCom]

KingCom brand was created by KingCom International Inc. as a cherished cool monkey that he lovingly called KingKong. KingKong is a rare breed that belongs to the future, the future of advance science and great technology. KingKong is fanatic when it comes to cellular phones. An unexplainable yet deep sense of affiliation exist between KingKong and with telecommunication device, just like we live in a Wireless Jungle of communication, mutual and with depth.

The 1st century business environment for cellular phones resembles a jungle, wild and unruly. KingCom brand hopes to bring a bolder and newer development to the human telecom market. Thus, KingCom is created. KingCom represents information, human nature and environment protection. This great step in promoting KingCom takes great courage and possesses a great challenge --- it has to interrelate to the need of mankind for an advance telecommunication technology, yet it has to be equally created as an environment- friendly product.

Furthermore, it has to create a lasting bond, permanent and inseparable. In the near future, KingCom will fulfill one ambition that is to bring one's and vigor to the existing cold and calculating electronics society.

[2nd Generation KingCom]

New KingCom logo From the wireless jungle concept for mobile accessorizing, the brand evolved into the high-tech world when it became one of the 1st brands to offer the digital memory storages in the Philippine market !

Digital KingCom showcase a variety of product line that serves its Telecom and IT market. In partnership with Foxconn of Taiwan, KingCom sold hundreds of thousands of digital camera that made the brand one of the highest selling entry level models in the GFK report issued a few years ago. KingCom digital products also include card readers, flash drives, video cameras, mp3/mp4 players, mobile phone battery packs, mobile chargers and speakers.

[3rd Generation KingCom]

KingCom brand ages in style. Its continuing growth is because of its commitment and passion of offering only the best of quality products with warranty and affordable prices. Thus more strong partnerships were built between its dealers and retailers in the archipelago. KingCom success can also be attributed to the professional workforce behind the brand. Sales people, Product team, Logistics group and Marketing bodies merged their creative talents, technical know-hows and marketing strategies to formulate the support program that ensured the success of every product launch. The brand lives in a real world with signals and learns the inspiration in breaking more grounds for the development of the brand.


KingCom believes that its products will always be available to provide a brand new life experience and of course to ENJOY LIFE to the fullest !

[4th Generation KingCom]

"be kool" becomes the soul of hyper mobile generation of youngsters. One simple concept is to express oneself by significant and unique style among the people to identify themselves from old fashion. "be kool" always leads the way to hyper mobile generation. So why be normal ? Let's be kool !

KingCom is King of Communication !